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Pass Options & Rates


Single Use Passes:

Single Ride $7.00
$7 per 30 minutes.

Swamp Rabbit Pass $35.00
Take a ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail with this 4-hour pass. $35 for 4-hours and $10 every 30 minutes thereafter.

Unlimited Use Passes:

Guest Pass $15.00
Unlimited 60-minute rides in a 24-hour period. Additional usage fee of $3 per 30 minutes for rides longer than 60 minutes.

Monthly Pass $20.00
Enjoy unlimited 60-minute rides for 30 days! Rides longer than 60 minutes are subject to a usage fee of $3 per additional 30 minutes.

Annual Pass $100.00
Enjoy unlimited 60-minutes rides for a year! Rides longer than 60 minutes are subject to a usage fee of $3 per additional 30 minutes.

Pass Information

Why do I have to return my bike to a station?
Bike share is different than bike rental. Bike share allows you to unlock and return bikes to any station location within the system. Bike share is an affordable option compared to bike rental. This is possible because bikes are returned to station when not in use, making them available for others to use.

What is a rental fee?
Each pass has an allotted ride time in which you may have a bike out without any rental fees. If you choose to keep your bike for longer than the ride time, you pay the rental fee. If you have an unlimited use pass, the ride time clock resets whenever you return a bike to a station.

What is the difference between single and unlimited passes?
Single passes are meant for one trip. Once you return the bike to a dock at a station, you cannot check out another bike with the same pass.

Unlimited passes allow you to unlock, ride and return bikes as many times as you wish while the pass is active. 

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